Package Includes:
- 4 8 oz Samuel Adams Boston Lager® Cuts
- 6 8 oz Lager Burgers
- 4 Samuel Adams Boston Lager® Pint Glasses
- Cooking Instructions from Chef David Burke

The Mixed Grilling Package contains a selection of Lager Cuts and Lager Burgers. The Lager Cut was designed to be the ultimate pairing for Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The brew’s upfront malt flavor matches the caramelized flavors of the meat, and its hoppy finish prepares the palate for the next bite. The beef and beer intersect with great caramel notes and sweetness, while the elegant hoppiness of Boston Lager finishes the rich, meaty flavor of the Cut. The Lager Burgers are ground trimmings from the carved Lager Steaks. The Lager Burger delivers an equally delicious complement to a cold pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager from the Samuel Adams Boston lager Pint Glass, the first glass specifically designed by world-renowned sensory experts to showcase the beer as the brewers intended, delivering the optimum full-flavored taste and aroma.
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