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Robinson's Prime Reserve Bone-In Sirloin Strip Steak is similar to the Sirloin Strip Steak, but is attached to the bone to provide further flavor. Combined aging and rich marbling, give this steak an incredible flavor and juicy tenderness.

- Cattle Raised on Ranches in American Plains; Fed Nutrient Rich Diet of Local Grains
- Richly Marbled & Aged to Perfection for Ultimate Flavor and Tenderness
- Hand-Carved from USDA Prime or Premium Choice New York Bone-In Strip Loin
- Vacuum Sealed and Hand-Wrapped in White Butcher Paper and Butcher String
- Arrives Freezer-Ready; Use within 6 Months
- Ships in 2 to 7 Business Days; View Shipping Info for More Details

USDA Prime or USDA Choice: USDA Prime is a national rating that denotes the top 2% of beef. Scarcely available, USDA Prime is the most sought after grade of beef, only served in the nation’s best restaurants and steakhouses. USDA Choice is the grade of beef just below USDA Prime and is more widely served in high-end restaurants. We only supply our clients with the top 10% of USDA Choice, ensuring unparalleled quality in whichever grade of beef you choose.

Private Stock: Our Private Stock selection is the premier selection of each cut. We hand-select the best bone-in strip loin out of our stock of richly marbled, aged to perfection USDA Prime bone-in strip loins. This distinction is the ultimate quality and cut of beef.
Bone-In Strip Steak:
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