You've never had a roast like this before! This delicious roast is stock full of rich flavor and tenderness. Best served when slow roasted with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

- 4 Pounds of Premium USDA Choice Chuck Roast
- Boneless, Rolled and Tied
- Top 10% of USDA Choice Grade Nationally
- Cattle Raised on Ranches in American Plains; Fed Nutrient Rich Diet of Local Grains
- Richly Marbled & Aged to Perfection for Ultimate Flavor and Tenderness
- Hand-Selected & Hand-Carved for Your Order
- Served in the Nation's Leading Restaurants & Used by Award-Winning Chefs
- Vacuum Sealed and Arrives Freezer-Ready; Use within 2-3 Months for Optimal Quality; Lasts Up to 6 Months
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