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Our family has been a purveyor of the highest quality meat for nearly a century. We take great pride in supplying our customers with the best quality and cuts of meat. We painstakingly search for the highest quality beef, only supplying USDA Prime (top 2% of beef) and USDA Choice (of which we only use the top 10%). We hand select our product for the highest marbling content. Then, using our family’s custom aging process, we age the beef to perfection for tenderness and flavor. Our experienced staff hand cut each piece for your order. Whether it is our highly acclaimed beef, our award winning free-range bison, our fresh and hand deboned poultry, our succulent and tender pork, or our delicious and dramatic cuts of lamb and veal, we are sure that our products will take your culinary experience to a new level!

Based in Louisville, KY, we have supplied the leading restaurants throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states. Our products have been served at award winning restaurants such as the English Grill and the Oakroom, and at fabled landmarks such as Keeneland and Churchill Downs. World-renowned chefs have become so accustomed to our quality and service that some have even taken to flying our products into remote venues for their special events. Our products have found their way onto the plates of six U.S. presidents, multiple dignitaries, celebrities and even a few royal families. Becoming the standard to high quality meats, high profile families have made requests for private delivery of our products. Continuing with that tradition, we are excited to provide you with a new benchmark to excellence.

The dinner table has always been the focal point of our family. It is where we come together with friends and family to catch up on our daily lives, to celebrate and to create our most cherished memories. Our most simple but memorable moments happen at and around the dinner table, so it is only fitting that we serve the best quality food. Now our dining experience can be yours. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality meats, incomparable service and rave reviews from your family and/or dinner guests. We guarantee that our products will become the benchmark to which you will compare all others!

The Robinson Family

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